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Tree found faithful by Justin Rizzo

VERSE 1Unmovable, unshakableLet my roots go down deepUnmovable, unshakableIn You CHORUSLord I want to be like a treePlanted by the streamsOf living water BRIDGE I will read your letters over and...

Secret Place by Hillsong Worship

And I remember the beginningWhen I found the secret placeDon't know why it felt familiarBut I knew it...

Overflow by Efe Grace

The Heavens are OpenReady for an OutpouringAtmosphere is ChangingFor the Spirit of the Lord is HereI see Chariots...

Aseda by Kofi Sammy

Wodae3 na w'ans)ra a whan na wo w) no as3m bisa Wok)e3 na w'amma awhan na wook) bisa no as3m Yehowa...

Onyame Tumfo (The Prayer Song) – Siisi Baido

Onayame tumfo Wo hw3 y3n so daa W’ataban k3se No bo y3n ho ban, Obantapa Wo ka fam Wo ho Ma y3n nea...

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