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Sex is a mystery, and unfortunately majority of those who engage in it do not fully understand the mystery behind it.

The only thing most people understand
about it is the pleasure derived from it and the procreation that can result from it. Many do not understand that when sex is not done within the scripturally
prescribed confines of marriage, the temporary pleasure derived can lead to eternal pressure.

There are a lot of people today at the Prayer camps and churches undergoing deliverance all over the world that are undergoing the deliverance which they would not have needed, if they had waited for marriage before having sex.

The reason why a lot of stubborn problems in many lives have refused to yield ground to aggressive prayers is because such lives have been sexually defiled. As a result, instead of their prayers to attract mercy from heaven, it attracts anger.

Excerpts from the book “100 Reasons Why Sex Must wait before marriage” by Dr. D. K. Olukoya

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David (HEFSA Min., 0246951740)

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