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Dave’s Special Weekend Gospel: Lyrics of Behind the Veil by Juanita Bynum

You can enter in 2x
Bow down and worship me
Come on and go with me
Behind the veil

Come on and go with me
Behind the veil.

The flesh wanna stay in the outer court,
The Priest can only come in the inner court,
But only the Spirit can come behind the veil,

Only the blood washed in righteousness can come behind the veil,
Only the purged in Spirit can come behind the veil

I’m talking to you, come on
Let me wash your mind this morning
Allow me to purify your heart today
Let me purge you with hyssop this morning,

Let me wash you clean,
Wash you clean [x2]

Because my desire for you is to come behind the veil

You’re part of the chosen remnant, that I desire to come

Come now, while the Spirit and the Bride is sayin come

Come now while I turn your heart to come

Come now while I cease the warfare in your mind to come

Everybody don’t get the priviledge to come in the presence of the Lord

My hands is upon your life [x2]
That’s why Satan can’t destroy you [x2]

Because I chose you,
Before the foundation of the world,
I chose you, to come

You’re my chosen
You see, this thing that your going through,
This trial that your walking through
It’s not there to destroy you, but it’s there to purify you,

So you can come
Oh, my child
Know that all things work together, for the good to them that love the Almighty God,
So come on and go with me behind the veil

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty [x2]

You see behind the veil, Satan can’t reach you
You see behind the veil, he can’t even talk to you
You see behind the veil, no sickness can over take you
You see behind the veil, depression can’t come your way
So why stay there?

Come on and go with me [x2]
Come on [x2]
Come on and go with me, and go with me

Behold the mysteries of the light
Behold the revelation of my Word
For eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men the things that I have for you
Behind the veil

(Holy Tongues)

Come on and go with me

(Holy Tongues)

Come on and go with me

(Holy Tongues)

I’ll protect you if you go with me

(Holy Tongues)

No weapons that are formed against you will be able to prosper
Behind the veil

(Holy tongues)

Leave your past behind.
Leave it behind.

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