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God Answers Prayer by VineSong

Stanza 1
You seem discouraged, clouds around you Your life full of problems don’t know what to do Racing troubled thoughts trying to work things out Instead of turning to the One who loves you He can work it out

Stanza 2
Seems at the time a hard place to be
No one around you,
who cares how you feel Fearful and alone,
your spirit in despair
Call to the One who’s near you,
He’ll always lend an ear

God answers prayer
Yes, yes, yes He does God answers prayer
I know, I know, I know He will

Stanza 3
Call on His Spirit,
He cares for you
Jesus, the Savior died to set you free
Trusting in His Word, leaning on His power Take it to the One who loves you,
He can work it out

[Repeat Chorus to the end]

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